Hoot in the night for Chelsea <3

Our thoughts are with whistle-blower Chelsea Manning, who is in great need of help and support. Chelsea is serving a 35-year sentence in prison for passing classified documents exposing human rights violations and the true nature of the United States’ wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to WikiLeaks. On September 9th 2016 Chelsea started a hunger strike to protest her inhumane treatment and lack of medical care in prison, in particular with regards to her gender dysphoria. Read her statement here . She then ended her hunger strike after the army said she would be allowed to receive gender transition surgery. However, Chelsea was still facing punishment for having attempted to take her own life earlier in the summer, and on Sept 23, the Prison disciplinary board decided to punish Chelsea Manning with solitary confinement for charges related to suicide attempt .

Sign the petition to FREE CHELSEA

Read more about Chelsea Mand support her via https://www.chelseamanning.org/

In the EU you can make a donation to Chelsea’s defence fund tax free via the COURAGE FOUNDATION

Chelsea wrote Solitary confinement is no-touch torture and it must be abolished.


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